Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Houston's First Court of Appeals based in old Harris County Courthouse after massive renovation project that did not alter its appearance much

Formerly home to Harris County Civil Courts, now seat of two Texas Courts of Appeals 
(First and Fourteenth Appellate Districts, which cover the same aggregation of counties)


The First Court of Appeals consists of nine elected members, and hears cases in panels of three. Vacancies on the court are filled by gubernatorial appointment. In 2013, all justices were Republicans save one, Jim Sharp, who won election as a Democrat when President Obama was first elected, and faces re-election in 2014. Like all other intermediate courts of appeals, the First Court of Appeals decides both civil and criminal appeals. 

Current Membership of the First Court of Appeals (Feb 1, 2013 snip of collective pic & bio page on court's website)

NOTE: For updated version of list of justices with bios and photos, click this link to the court's website.
The latest revision took place 1/31/2014.

Dome (outside) and Rotuda seen from the inside looking up

1910 Harris County Courthouse (prior to restoration) 

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