Thursday, September 24, 2009

Susan Stanford Goes After Divorce Lawyer Nancy Rommelmann: $200 Million Sought from Attorneys In Lieu of Divorce Settlement from Allen Stanford


If you can't get it from the hubby or from the SEC, why not tap the lawyers?

Sep. 24, 2009. Susan J. Stanford, wife of R. Allen Stanford, today sued her former divorce lawyer(s) for $200 MIL in damages, and for fee forfeiture, claiming legal malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty in connection with an alleged oral settlement offer worth more than 200 million dollars that she says was not communicated to her.

Of course, she would have taken it. No questions asked.

A footnote in the lawsuit papers clarifies that the staggering amount is "not a typo", and explains that "Mr. Stanford was an exceedingly successful international businessman who stockpiled most, or all, of his fortune during his marriage with Plaintiff."

Comment: What fortune?

Original Petition in Cause No. 2009-61538 Susan Stanford vs. Nancy Rommelmann dba The Law Offices of Nancy Rommelmann, Pavlas, Brown & York, L.L.P. (legal malpractice).
John C. Pavlas is not named as a defendant individually.

The lawsuit was assigned to the 333rd District Court, the Hon. Tad Halbach presiding.

The parties' divorce remains pending in Judge Dempster's Court:

2007-67703 - STANFORD, SUSAN J. vs. STANFORD, ROBERT A. (308th District)

STANFORD, SUSAN J. PLAINTIFF - Attorney: ROMMELMANN, NANCY (a solo lawyer per SBOT profile) (not spelled Rommelman)

STANFORD, ROBERT A. [Allen] DEFENDANT - Attorney: ALLSHOUSE, J. D. BUCKY (solo, per SBOT profile)