Embattled First Court of Appeals Incumbent His Honner Jim Sharp -- don't call him Mr. Sharp or else - must be getting desperate a few days before the election ..... He is a scheduled speaker at Houston NORML's Halloween  event ... oops ... Halloweed event -- or so NORML says.

The Seal of the State of Texas / Judicial Branch is prominently featured on the appearance-just-confirmed announcement on the organization's Facebook page, and his Court of Appeals bio page is hot-linked. What the hell with this lending-prestige-of-judicial-office-thing....it was just a public reprimand last time around anyhow.
Gotta make clear to the cannabis-loving crowd that this Sharp fella is not just an ordinary Joe Schmoe down the street. Or a less-than-judicial impostor.

Jim Sharp lending prestige of judicial office to organization advocating controversial cause -

You thought you got a good idea how Big Jim knows to swear like a sailor when he earned his rebuke from the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct!?

Wait until he gets high on the weed vote!

Or perhaps it's all part of good-natured trick-o-treating, ... if not a vast politically motivated conspiracy to sully the public standing of a jurist of great stature.

A man known to take a stand. A true local icon. 



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