Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Jeffrey Shadwick takes Jeff Brown's bench

One Jeff in the footsteps of another

January 2, 2008 - Governor Rick Perry's Office announces appointment of Jeff Shadwick to the 55th District Court vacated by Jeff Brown. Judge Brown was elevated to the Fourteenth Court of Appeals by the Gov just before Christmas and has already kicked off his campaign to keep the new job - and the job title "Justice" - in this year's election. Jeffrey Shadwick is best known for prior public service as an HISD board president and school board member.

X-Mas Gifts: Jeff Brown Promoted to Houston Court of Appeals ...

Austin, TX - Governor Rick Perry fills several judicial vacancies just before Christmas: Hon. Jeff Brown, presiding judge of the 55th District Court ascends to the appellate bench vacated by 14th Court of Appeals Justice Harvey Hudson; William Boyce takes Justice Richard Edelman's seat on the same court. Patricia Kerrigan replaces Jennifer Walker Elrod on the 190th District Court bench in the Harris County Civil Courthouse. Hon. Jennifer Elrod was nominated by President Bush to a seat on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals and confirmed by the United States Senate.